3 October 2013

A goodbye note

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It's been a while since my last post and this is my actual last post. I am now in a different place in my life (both psychological and geographical) and I believe I need to step back and re-analyse my priorities, decide what's best for me at the moment and accustom myself to all the new things that have been happening to me. I therefore take this moment to say goodbye and just let you see the (most probably) last project The Shoe Pendant is involved in.

A couple of weeks ago, Takko Fashion approached me for a blogger competition, in which I would only use 25 euros/ 33 dollars/ 20 pounds to create an extraordinaire outfit. So here it is, my wonderful outfit. The next step of the competition is voting me until the 7th of October :), here. "

Special thing to consider, I will send a cute gift to one of the people who vote for me, if I win first, second or third place :) The gifts/gifts will be from stores such as New Look, Primark, Topshop or something similar :)

I do hope to see your votes and reconnect with you in future projects.

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  1. Hei! Esti supeeerba!
    Imi place energia ta! Cand mai vi prin Bucuresti sa ma anunti; avem o sedinta foto care asteapta sa fie facuta! :))

  2. Awww! Mult succes, indiferent de ceea ce vei alege să faci mai departe! <3 Te pup și te îmbrățișez cu drag!

  3. great outfit!!! amazing photos!!
    If you're interested in winning a GIVEAWAY at my blog,
    click the link. Good Luck :)

  4. Lovely dress!
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  5. From beginning to end....the portraits are just mind blowing and perfectly executed :)

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  7. Great outfit! I hope you win and so sad that this will be your last post. Good luck on your next endeavor!

  8. love the outfit :)

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