3 October 2013

A goodbye note

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It's been a while since my last post and this is my actual last post. I am now in a different place in my life (both psychological and geographical) and I believe I need to step back and re-analyse my priorities, decide what's best for me at the moment and accustom myself to all the new things that have been happening to me. I therefore take this moment to say goodbye and just let you see the (most probably) last project The Shoe Pendant is involved in.

A couple of weeks ago, Takko Fashion approached me for a blogger competition, in which I would only use 25 euros/ 33 dollars/ 20 pounds to create an extraordinaire outfit. So here it is, my wonderful outfit. The next step of the competition is voting me until the 7th of October :), here. "

Special thing to consider, I will send a cute gift to one of the people who vote for me, if I win first, second or third place :) The gifts/gifts will be from stores such as New Look, Primark, Topshop or something similar :)

I do hope to see your votes and reconnect with you in future projects.

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17 July 2013

Princess in the woods: Don't save me!

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Princess in the woods: don't save me!
Or how to abjure your own boring reality and substitute it for a more fancy and simple at the same time.

I sometimes like to think of myself as a princess that got lost from her original (royal!!) family and now tries to live up to her natural-born-with standards. However, it's obvious that being as lazy as I am is another thing to consider, therefore not having to bundle up in jewelry and high heels sometimes seems an oasis of happiness. This is why, when I picked this stunning evening gown from Edressy, I instantly knew how I'd pose in it.
The dress is a perfect blend of long, ravishing silk, perfectly crafted cleavage and a lovely assortment of sequins and pearls. The diamond shaped cut in the back is so refined, yet extremely sexy(smokin').

Until the next time, go get yourself lost in the wild with a beautiful dress and no shoes. See how it feels!

12 July 2013

A take-it-easy weekend

 The Shoe Pendant, Alexandra Lazar, H&M Pants, Spiked Bracelet

As I was saying in my last post, I am officially enjoying my summer holiday by indulging myself in my three main activities of the summer (so far): I am reading/rereading some beautiful books, I am studying/researching for EYP's International Session Zurich 2013 and learning Spanish. I understand how these can be seen as not so leisurable activities, but I'm actually extremely happy that I am not boring myself to death in the summer heat.

About Spanish, I have to tell you that it has been on my to-do list for many years, but I never really got to studying it properly, grammar-wise and whatnot. I do speak it, on a conversational level, but I am (a little bit) unable to write in Spanish. I recently discovered a lovely website called Duolingo and I have improved my basic skills considerably. I also had a try with German, but it's obviously still too far from my range of loved languages. I plan on finishing Spanish and moving on to French. I do hope, however, that I will end up finishing German too, but hey, one never knows.

P.S. : Remember "An open end story"? Turns out I'm quite the lucky SOB. I ended up getting an average of 9,65/10 (!!!) in my exams and now I am waiting for my diploma in order to properly enroll in my dream college of my dream country!

6 July 2013

In between stages

The Shoe Pendant

It's officially summer 

and I'm officially free of any duties whatsoever!

I am happy to announce that I'm done with my finals (the last one was yesterday) and I can now focus on much more important things, such as sleeping, reading, swimming, running (which I've missed like crazy) and simply laying around. It is, after all, my last summer free of worries until I start college.

In another order of thought, these are the first pics with my new 50 mm lens ( I've been craving this little sucker for quite a while now) and my new hair color ( whiskey on the rocks, please!! ). I feel like I'm developing into a new person and it's quite a good vibe.

However, stay fabulous and love on, as I'm now leaving for a lovely evening to celebrate a friend's 21th birthday.

Cheers, mates!

29 June 2013

An open end story

The Shoe Pendant

I do apologize for using my dog as a cover, but the circles under my eyes are not to be seen by any kind of audience what so ever.

Once upon a time, there was a ravishing girl that had just finished her Senior Year and graduated from highschool. She was due to leave for college in a few months and until then spend her summer according to her princess-like needs and wishes. However, faith had something else in store for her: her final exams, otherwise known as the (Dreadful) Baccalaureat ! She had to study hard: literature, the art and science of sociology, the mistakes and successes of her ancestors, but time was of essence. Her peers had started studying a year ago, but her procrastination power had kept her enjoying indulging in ephemeral distractions and only now had she realised the danger she was in.

A number of sleepless nights (if you count falling asleep at 1 a.m.) and a couple of tons of caffeine (this is not as much of a joke as I'd like it to be) had brought her to the verge of quiting. But don't fear, she has quit yet. With only 2 days to go, she is in her fittest form and no Harap-Alb can bring her down.

And in case you haven't realised that I am the ravishing girl, here's the spoiler. And here are also a couple of things I've learned while wracking my brains to study the whole material in a number of 5 days:

24 June 2013

Hashtag DigitalDivas13

The Shoe Pendant

As I was saying last week, on Friday I attended the so coveted Digital Divas' second edition, which took place at the Biavatti lounge (an extremely beautiful location if I might add). I met with old friends and got some new ones. I also finally met Irina, the owner of Add some style, who is, guess what, from the same town as me. We had the chance to chat a little bit and enjoy together all the lovely speakers. I'll also do something that I don't usually do, and present some of my favorite speakers with what they said.

20 June 2013

A summer wedding

 The Shoe Pendant

Busy day ahead, but that doesn't mean we don't have to take advantage of what the present moment has to offer.

Probably that is what I would say if I were to talk at a conference like Digital Divas, which is actually (finally!!!) taking place tomorrow. I'll be heading to the Biavatti club at 8:30 (probably covered in concealer to avoid looking like a zombie) to register and get my caffeine dose until the first session (and the one I'm looking forward to the most) starts. Then I'm going to meet all of you there that I haven't met so far and have fun. I guess that sums it up. Also, here's some info on the "star" of the conference: Yvan Rodic.

Yvan Rodic also known as Face Hunter was Born in Vevey, a French-speaking part of Switzerland. Rodic (1977-) studied Communication at Polycom Lausanne before taking on copy writing stints for Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi in Geneva, Brussels and Paris. A born trend-spotter with a natural eye for photography, it was not long before he combined writing for magazines with snapping pictures of people at art events in his then home, Paris. In February 2006, almost casually, he began posting the results online: and just like that, Face Hunter was born. Widely considered one of the most influential movers and shakers in fashion, his original blog and more recent Visual Diary receive approximately 1 million hits per month. Over this short period, Yvan has been at the vanguard of one of the decade’s most remarkable trends. When he began in 2006, street style blogging was still in its infancy: in part it is thanks to his work that it has subsequently become a phenomenon. As one of those to experience first-hand the insatiable public appetite for a more democratic view on fashion, Yvan found himself caught up in a whirl within the first few months of his website’s inception. With the telling tag line: “Eye Candy for the Style Hungry” above portraits of individual characters with arresting styles, Face Hunter instantly developed a reputation for being one of the most satisfying style destinations online.

But going forward and talking about the post, the pictures were taken in the hotel in Pitesti were I stayed during a friend's wedding. My mom helped me make a dress, a pencil skirt with a silk blouse adorned with lace, but one way or another, I'll have to show it to you in a different setting, as I forgot to pack it for the wedding. Thankfully enough, I'm a mega-packer, so I had one-too-many dresses with me and it wasn't hard to come with a solution. So it happened, that this dress was a perfect fit for such a summery event. I mixed it with my (fabulous) red Stradivarius sandals and the outfit was a blast!

And here's yet another surprise you'll be seeing from now on on the blog: a column!
I'll be adding this little column called "Just a tip" from now and then to my blog posts, just to share bits of experience and help you make wiser and bolder choices for you wardrobe!

Just a tip

When going to a wedding-like event in the summer, make sure your outfit fits in with the dress code. Most events like this, such as a Christening, a wedding, an outdoor cocktail, require light dresses. Go for silk, in flowy and comfy cuts. They not only look good in this kind of evenings/afternoons, but they also prevent you from feeling weird in tight, fitted clothes in the dashing sun. You can go a little bit wild with your accesories, but summer outfits usually go better simpler. Don't forget to add a nice and highly comfortable sandal and you're set to be the queen of the night.

17 June 2013

Digital Divas Ambassadeur

The Shoe Pendant

Or actually Ambassador, but I like to give myself more posh-ness with some French name.

But yes, I am a Digital Divas Amabassador and I am now going to tell you what exactly this lovely event is about and why my keen interest in it.


The speakers will show you how your passion for blogging could be a real job.


A great opportunity to network with well-known fashion and beauty bloggers and celebrities.


Every participant will receive a goodie bag with beauty products and cosmetics.

And not to mention all of the speakers!!! My personal favorites are certainly Ana Maria Morodan, Oana Pellea, Bogdan Th. Olteanu and Ovidiu Buta. Others speakers are the Fabulous Muses, Cristian Lupsa, Dana Paun, Mirela Bucoviceanu and Catalin Opritescu of Lightaholic.
Besides this, you might want to know more about Yvan Rodic (about whom I'll talk more in a future post) and about the fact that you are all invited to cast your vote in the People's Choice Awards (how exciting is that?).

You have to go here and vote for your personal favourites! My personal favourite is probably Add some style by Irina Sandu.

Until the next post, don't forget to request your invite over at the Digital Divas website!

14 June 2013

Toque, or the long awaited graduation

 The Shoe Pendant

Well, I will not say this in too many words, as words are simply superfluous. My last highschool adventure ended with toques flying in the air. And even though we rushed our robe ceremony (I'll get the chance to repeat it when I finish college), it was a very heart-warming moment: getting an award for the "English Person of the Class" and watching my best friends get "crowned" Valedictorians were things that made me feel proud and ended the 4 ( 8 if you count junior high) years I spent between the walls of "Ion Maiorescu" National Highschool.

To all of my classmates, see you in ten years!

To all of my friends, come to England for free accommodation!

11 June 2013

The last leaf

The Shoe Pendant

It's been more than two weeks since I stepped ( more or less gracefully) on the steps of the restaurant where our Senior Prom was held. It is only now that I am realizing how fast time goes and how time is probably the only thing I don't have right now. Being burried under piles of endless finals material with a desire to pump caffeine through my entire system, I want to take the time and acknowledge the times that have passed, just to make a clean slate to the ones that are coming.

What was highschool for me? Probably what it was for most of the people in the world: 4 years filled with (unfounded) drama, delightful (and not so delightful) new experiences, new friends, best friends, frenemies (*wink*) and body image issues ( was I too fat?). It was a great life experience, though probably not the best so far, but I do have to give it some credit for getting me together with some of my best friends and Prince Charming ( yes, the people I adore with all my heart). It tought me how to experience intense feelings (not only thanks to Prince Charming *wink again*), but also to the people that thought me there was a reason fairytales were written: to put the bad guy to sleep!

But about Prom night? It was loads of fun (though a little short-cut if you ask me), it gave me and my besties to feel like princesses for a night and wear long, sexy gowns (though mine was probably the most nerve-wrecking experience I've had), luxurious hairstyles and ravishing make-up. The photos are proof of how well we felt and we can only wish to have the same impressions after our 10-year reunion (which I cannot wait for more than this!!!).

All in all, it's been a fun set of years and we can now only ask ourselves what our future (and our finals) has set up for us.

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